A Sponsored Intentional Community Village of

The Universal Peacemakers Foundation


WEST HAVEN will be an elegant community designed and built to our specifications for the good life now.  The 47 unique homes of this private community will provide spacious living with the benefits of a condominium.  Service and assistance in living the good life now will consume our owners with concierge comfort, community security, and multi-generational family living amenities and activities 24-7.

Imagine an upscale secure community developed on the historic Nixon’s Farm estate;  high-end custom homes created by Alan Klatsky of Prestige Development;   resting under the custom concierge-type care of LIVASYST, America’s premiere provider of systems for assistance in living the “good life”;   a “Green & Cleen” neighborhood safe for elders and children;  a multigenerational family community, amidst an equestrian estate.  Each WEST HAVEN home is designed and built to your specifications, at a final cost of about $1,500,000 - $2,000,000; and is worth every penny. Our gorgeous homes are personal estates within a private equestrian estate that surrounds each home with the bucolic beauty and majesty of fine Maryland country living.

Automobiles are conveniently sequestered where community golf carts are available for personal transportation within this intentional multigenerational village; making the community safe for walking, playing, and enjoying the fine art of horsemanship. A pristine pond is available for the personal pleasure of our owners and guests.

Our homes are designed for assistance in fine living for families, as well as for elegant elder care. Families can enjoy the many features designed into our “green architecture” structures; and elders can be cared for by family as well as by professionals who inhabit custom homes camouflaged throughout the farm estate.  All homes on the estate have built-in design features that accommodate grandchildren and grandparents living/growing together, creating a truly multi-generational complex of complete beauty and comfort.

“Just Like The Obamas”

More Multi-Generation Homes More Grandparents

Moving In With Kids & Grandkids

In Today's Changing Economy


Michelle Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, lives with the First Family in the White House. It's part of a growing trend of multiple generations living under one roof, experts say.  The First Family is shedding light on the importance of grandparents, with three generations of the Obama family living under one roof. The First Lady's mother, Marian Robinson, also lives in the White house to help care for her granddaughters. 

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